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WoundCare-Circle Flyer


Diabetic Off-loading Algorithm

Three Professional Partners caring for foot ulcerations with a clinically approved therapy program.


The three WoundCare-Circle founders, HEELIFT, OPTIMA, and DARCO are international market leaders and well known companies from Europe and USA. Besides providing innovative product solutions, all three partners are qualified for becoming a member of the Woundcare-Circle by their long lasting and permanent support and funding of the research, the science and the management of foot disease.


Our Mission

The Woundcare-Circle is a global partnership, founded to provide clinicians and patients superior solutions for the redistribution of pressure at the heel, foot and ankle by enabling the development and dissemination of clinical evidence focusing on best practice based on a clinically approved therapy program.


Our Vision

Develop an inclusive partnership and multifaceted program to reduce foot ulcerations and limb amputations.


• Funding and stimulation innovative research.
• Increasing public awareness and commitment to the risk of foot ulcerations.
• Creating innovative devices and products for the increase of quality of life.
• Promoting effective management strategies to improve clinical outcomes.


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