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Suspension Boot: Indications for Use



A suspension boot can provide great relief for patients facing a number of different conditions. These heel offloading devices are a successful component of heel ulcer prevention regimens for patients who:

• Are immobile
• Are diabetic
• Suffer from cardiovascular disease
• Have dietary deficiencies

Other factors indicating a patient may be at risk for developing heel pressure sores and could benefit from a suspension boot would include:

• Decreased sensation in the lower extremities
• Moisture from perspiration
• Advanced age

Special attention should be given to patients who must be moved or turned regularly: Friction or shear caused by dragging a patient over bed sheets can also put the patient at risk.

A suspension boot also can be an appropriate part of the treatment for other conditions, including:

• Skin grafts
• Flaccid paralysis
• Foot drop
• Pre- and post-operative hip fractures

Heelift® Suspension Boot provides all of the important advantages of heel offloading devices combined with comfort features like a soft foam surface, friction-free backing and ventilation holes. The suspension boot also can be customized to meet the needs of each patient such as foot drop and Achilles tendonitis.


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