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Five Situations that Could Require a Plantar Fasciitis Night Brace



Although the exact causes of plantar fasciitis are unclear, healthcare professionals have identified a number of factors that can exacerbate or lead to the condition, including:

• Biomechanical factors such as high arches, flat feet,
  or tight tendons
• Repetitive activities like running long distances or
  working jobs that require extended periods of
  standing or walking on hard surfaces.
• Obesity
• Shoes that are improperly fitted, poorly cushioned
  or worn out
• Age – plantar fasciitis is more common in middle age

Elevation, anti inflammatory medications, and ice may help relieve plantar fasciitis pain, but the most effective solution is often a plantar fasciitis night brace.


When prescribed by a healthcare professional, a plantar fasciitis night brace provides gradual pressure to keep the plantar fascia from tightening or contracting overnight.


Heelift® AFO is an excellent example of a plantar fasciitis night brace in a soft, foam design that protects the leg from irritation and friction.


Contact us now for details on why Heelift AFO is the right plantar fasciitis night brace for your patients.

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