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Date: September, 2013


EVANSTON, ILLINOIS - DM Systems introduces the redesigned Heelift®AFO, a unique ankle foot orthosis designed to offload the heel while also providing superior foot drop support. Having introduced the first heel offloading boot of its kind, Heelift® Suspension Boot, DM Systems has established a reputation as a global leader in the prevention and treatment of heel pressure ulcers. DM has applied that expertise to the traditional AFO, producing a softer, gentler solution. A smooth fabric cover and forefoot strap help to keep the boot in place by allowing the boot to move with the patient while the patient is in bed.

"Instead of creating 'just another AFO', we wanted to create a product that solves multiple problems," said DM Systems' founder Denis B. Drennan, MD.

A non-slip sole allows patients to walk short distances (preferably with assistance), meaning the boot does not have to be removed and reapplied each time the patient is transferred from the bed or wheelchair.

Along with its offloading capabilities, Heelift® AFO is indicated for:

- Dorsiflexion ankle support for paralyzed legs
- Use as a comfortable night splint
- Treatment/prevention of plantar flexion contracture
- Treatment of plantar fasciitis
- Treatment/prevention of foot drop deformity
- Treatment of Achilles tendonitis

Founded in 1979, DM Systems is committed to quality outcomes across the continuum of care with innovative products developed by orthopedic surgeons to reduce wound prevalence while saving time and money. Other products include the Heelift® Glide, Heelift® Suspension Boot, and HeelSafe™ DVT Hose.

Visit or call 847-328-9540 for more information on the full line of products available from DM Systems.


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