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Date: March, 2008



DM’s Bariatric boot can help treat diabetic foot ulcers and heel pressure sores.Evanston, IL...DM Systems, manufacturer of Heelift® Suspension Boots, announces the introduction of the Heelift® Bariatric Suspension Boot. The new boot offers all of the heel pressure ulcer prevention qualities the industry has come to expect from Heelift® Standard but is sized specifically for bariatric patients. With the additional introduction of Heelift® Petite, DM Systems now offers a range of sizes to patients and healthcare professionals while maintaining the high quality associated with Heelift® Standard.


The Heelift® Bariatric Suspension Boot, available in smooth foam only, is designed for patients who weigh up to 600 pounds and who have a calf circumference of between 12 - 23 inches. Like the Heelift® Standard, the Heelift® Bariatric is latex-free, includes a friction-free tricot backing to facilitate patient mobility, and comes with an extra pad which can be used to help prevent hip rotation or foot drop. Just like the Heelift® Standard, Heelift® Bariatric can be customized for specific patient needs. To relieve pressure on the Achilles tendon or to address Achilles tendon erythema, a two to four inch wedge can be cut into the elevation pad.


DM Systems understands that bariatric patients can be particularly susceptible to health complications like diabetes and associated pressure ulcers. It is with this at-risk patient group in mind that DM Systems introduces the new Heelift® Bariatric Suspension Boot to the industry.


For more information about the Heelift® Bariatric Suspension Boot or the complete family of Heelift® wound care products, call DM Systems at 800.254.5438.

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