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Date: July, 2007




Pressure ulcer prevention bookEvanston, IL…DM Systems, manufacturer of Heelift® Suspension Boot, announces a continuation of its affiliation with Mediscript Communications, Inc., publisher of the 2007 Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Treatment Book.


The information in the Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Treatment Book, targeting health care workers as well patients, parallels information that DM Systems has been providing to the Wound Care market in regards to Heelift® Suspension Boot. Care givers who read the Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Treatment Book will come away with an understanding of what types of patients are most susceptible to pressure ulcers, how pressure ulcers can be prevented, and how the beginning stages of pressure ulcers can be treated successfully.


More than an informative guide, the Mediscript Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Treatment Book includes reproducible documents that can be used as hand-outs. These documents include charts that help track turning schedules or pressure ulcer stages, and if used they can help assure that patients at risk for pressure ulcers will receive the best and most preventative care. Guidelines from the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP), turning schedule charts, and lists of useful websites all are provided. DM Systems advocates that these kinds of interactive protocols, together with the use of Heelift® Suspension Boot, can provide the most effective preventative measures against pressure ulcers.


DM Systems sponsors the Mediscript Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Treatment Book because DM Systems supports the prevention of Pressure Ulcers through proper information and the appropriate use of pressure relief devices like the Heelift® Suspension Boot.


Mediscript, with offices in California, Canada, and the UK, publishes self-help guides covering over 40 health conditions, including Pressure Ulcers, Diabetes, Alzheimers, and Cast Care.


DM Systems, Inc., is known globally as a leading supplier of wound care, rehab and orthopedic products.


To learn more about Mediscript or to order Pressure Ulcer Prevention Books in bulk, visit

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