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Date: May, 2014


EVANSTON, ILLINOIS – DM Systems is proud to announce the results of a recent study that highlights the ability of its Heelift® Glide to create a dry, cool microclimate, facilitating the prevention and healing of heel pressure ulcers.


The Textile Protection and Comfort Center (T-PACC) in the College of Textiles at North Carolina State University undertook the research using an advanced sweating foot manikin system to determine the thermal resistance of Heelift Glide and six other heel suspension boots.


The study encompassed a number of dry and sweating skin measurements, including:

  • Total thermal resistance
  • Total evaporative resistance
  • Intrinsic thermal resistance
  • Intrinsic evaporative resistance
  • Total insulation value

“Heelift Glide takes pressure ulcer prevention to a whole new level,” said DM Systems founder Dr. Denis B. Drennan. “The study results show that Heelift Glide provides superior heat and moisture management properties.


“These particular qualities are essential, as continuing research indicates that heat and moisture can cause skin to break down faster, often creating or worsening pressure ulcers,” he said.


Incorporating years of feedback from clinicians and patients, DM Systems designed its latest heel suspension boot to be 40% lighter, cooler and less bulky than a pillow-style boot, Drennan said.


“Our goal is to create the optimal environment to prevent pressure ulcers and facilitate healing,” he said.


Founded in 1979, DM Systems is committed to quality patient care with innovative products developed by orthopedic surgeons to meet patient needs while saving time and money.


Go to or call 847-328-9540 to learn more about DM Systems’ advances in heel ulcer prevention.

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