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Date: April, 2013


EVANSTON, ILLINOIS - DM Systems is proud to introduce Heelift® Glide, the most recent addition to its family of heel offloading boots. Heelift Glide is a premium product that joins a growing line of heel offloading boots that effectively redistribute pressure to promote the healing of heel pressure sores and prevent the development of new heel pressure ulcers.


"Heelift Glide takes heel offloading to a whole new level," said DM Systems founder Denis B. Drennan, MD.


A smooth exterior allows patients to move without catching the boot on sheets or blankets, while the forefoot strap helps keep the boot properly positioned on the patient's leg. The new features were designed to increase patient compliance and comfort, as well as save nursing time by eliminating the need to adjust or reapply the boot.


The new pressure offloading boot offers the same superior offloading results as other Heelift products, Drennan observed, adding "a boot that redistributes pressure away from the heel is a vital part of a heel ulcer prevention protocol," which can save facilities a great deal of time, effort and cost.


"For those patients who have an existing heel pressure ulcer, the effective offloading and comfort of our Heelift products mean healthcare professionals can concentrate on healing the wound," Drennan said.


Incorporating years of feedback from clinicians and patients, the new heel offloading boot:
· Incorporates a soft material that cradles the calf, redistributing pressure over a wider area and providing interior grip
· Is 40% lighter, cooler and less bulky than a pillow-style boot


"Heelift Glide represents a brand new chapter in the Heelift story," Drennan added.


Founded in 1979, DM Systems is committed to quality outcomes across the continuum of care with innovative products developed by orthopedic surgeons to reduce wound prevalence while saving time and money. Other products include the Heelift® Suspension Boot, Heelift® AFO and HeelSafe™ DVT Hose.


Visit or call 847-328-9540 for more information on the full line of products available from DM Systems.


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