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Date: April, 2012


DM Systems, Inc., maker of the Heelift® Suspension Boot and HeelSafe™ DVT Hosiery, has released its first-ever Environmental Sustainability Report. Focusing on energy efficiency, transportation impacts, waste reduction and employee engagement, the report demonstrated the difference even small steps can make. "DM Systems already saved four tons of paper and cardboard through recycling every year," claimed Michael Drennan, Manager of Sales Operations. "We aimed to further align corporate operations with our sustainability goals. We just weren't sure how to proceed."


Working with corporate sustainability consultants Go2Green ( DM Systems quickly grasped their current environmental impact, and found areas for improvement. Office improvements for commuting cyclists earned them a bicycle-friendly business designation through the League of American Bicyclists. Lighting upgrades reduced carbon dioxide emissions by an estimated five tons. And simple changes to printing practices saved cartridges and money. "We expected to save ink cartridges from the landfill with Go2Green," said Stan Territo, Office Manager at DM Systems. "Saving a few thousand dollars in printing costs was a nice bonus."


These economic and environmental savings have encouraged the DM Systems team to continue the process. Next steps include biodegradable packaging to save their hospital clients the cost of waste disposal. "Our customers will increasingly be using our sustainability efforts as yet another measuring stick in considering our products. However, our focus remains the patient," says Drennan, "and a healthy environment is good for patients as well as our business."




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