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The Five Boot Solution: Heelift® Brand Boots


Because all of your patients are different, DM Systems has always made a point of assuring that Heelift® brand boots are customizable. But customizable boots are just the beginning. We are also working to make sure your heel pressure ulcer prevention plan is uniquely fitted to each patient’s needs. While all Heelift Brand Boots include a customizable heel offloading pad to help create a pressure-free environment, we have expanded our family of pressure relief products so that you can now recommend the product that includes the right features at the right price for your patients.


Heelift Classic is the heel offloading boot that literally because an instant “classic” in hundreds of hospitals and wound care centers around the world. The high-quality open cell foam design creates a cooler, drier microclimate, increasing patient compliance. The only heel offloading boot to be evaluated through a formal RCT, Heelift Classic is the ideal choice for a patient who needs top of the line heel pressure ulcer prevention at a value price point.



Heelift Glide moves on the sheet, not on the feet. The soft, smooth exterior fabric enables the patient’s foot to “glide” across bed sheets, which helps to keep the foot in the optimum position for effective heel pressure ulcer prevention. Fully autoclavable, Heelift Glide is just as customizable as Heelift Classic but can also be used “out of the bag” if desired. Wipes clean in seconds.



Particularly ideal for patients who need to travel to and from physical therapy, Heelift AFO includes tread design on the bottom of the boot making it easier for the patient to walk short distances. The stiff polypropylene brace enables the AFO to serve as a comfortable night splint. The “2 in 1” capability of Heelift AFO provides a “2 in 1” benefit combining traditional AFO features with heel offloading benefits you expect from any boot named Heelift. Wipes clean in seconds.



All of the features of Heelift Glide are included in this latest generation heel offloading boot, but the patient will also benefit from the soft interior lining that increases comfort and promotes patient compliance. Heelift Glide Ultra “glides” across bed sheets, but the proper positioning of the foot is further ensured by the added “grip” provided by the interior fabric. Wipes clean in seconds.



Our top of the line heel offloading boot is also our top of the line AFO product. This state-of-the-art heel pressure ulcer prevention tool can also work as a comfortable night splint for your patients. Your patients will receive all of the best qualities of a pressure relief device and an AFO device for less than what many pillow-style heel offloading boots cost. The same “2 in 1” benefits of Heelift AFO but with the addition of a soft interior lining that grips the foot.



Have any questions about which of our boots is the best for your patients? Contact us today to learn more!

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