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Heel Offloading | Benefits



The primary benefit of heel offloading is to redistribute pressure from a patient’s heel.


Eliminating the pressure, particularly with the use of a professional heel offloading device, is a vital factor in preventing and treating heel pressure sores. Left untreated, heel ulcers generate significant costs, both in terms of a patient’s health and of a facility’s use of its resources.


But the benefits of heel offloading using a professional device extend beyond heel pressure sores and cost savings.


A professional heel offloading device ensures that the patient’s leg stays in the proper position, allowing the nursing staff to concentrate on higher levels of care for all patients instead of worrying whether certain patients’ legs have slipped off pillows or other less advanced heel positioners.


A well-engineered heel offloading device provides added benefits such as:

• Heel elevation in a zero pressure environment
• Forefoot support to prevent heel cord contracture
• Proper positioning to avoid hip rotation
• Custom padding to prevent foot drop and Achilles tendonitis

Heelift® Suspension Boot provides all these benefits in a soft foam heel offloading device that floats the heel in a pressure-free environment. Heelift also offers:

• Friction-free tricot backing that increases patient mobility while decreasing the risk of injury to the patient’s other leg
• Ventilation holes to promote air circulation and increase patient comfort
• "Easy-on, easy-off" straps and closures to increase the ease with which patients and healthcare professionals can remove or put on the offloading device

Professional heel offloading devices like Heelift can provide useful benefits as part of an overall regimen to prevent or treat heel pressure ulcers. Contact us now for details.

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