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Graduated Compression Hosiery: Indications for Use



Graduated compression hosiery can play a critical role in a patient’s ability to deal with a variety of painful, and sometimes dangerous, conditions.


Indications for the use of graduated compression hosiery include:

Chronic peripheral venous insufficiency
• Post thrombotic syndrome
Varicose veins
Prevention of deep vein thrombosis


As beneficial as graduated compression hosiery can be, they can also contribute to other health concerns such as an increased risk of pressure ulcers. In these cases, a different style of compression hosiery may be required to lessen the likelihood of pressure ulcers.


For instance, HeelSafe™ DVT Hose provides similar benefits as graduated compression hosiery but also features an open “window” design that provides relief along the back of the heel and Achilles tendon, where pressure ulcers are most likely to form. An upper band that is “stretchier” than the competitions’ is another advantage.


HeelSafe DVT Hose also can benefit patients who are restricted by limited mobility or who must sit, stand or travel for long periods of time.


Regardless of the type of hosiery, it’s crucial that a doctor or nurse properly measure each patient for his or her compression hosiery to ensure that the patient’s arterial flow is not constricted. The HeelSafe™ DVT hose is available in extra large thigh sizes to enhance proper fitting of very large legs.


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