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Customizing Heelift® Boots

Customizing instructions apply to all Heelift boots.
Download an Application & Fitting guide:
Heelift Glide Boot
Heelift AFO Boot

Heelift Classic Boot
Heelift Traction Boot


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View the customizing video

Foot Rotation
Hip Rotation boot
Cut the spare pad lengthwise.
Remove adhesive backing
and attach the spare pad in
a horizontal position along
the inside of the boot parallel
with the leg.
Hip Rotation
Hip Rotation boot
Remove the adhesive backing from the spare pad and secure it in a horizontal position to the outer side of the boot under the closure straps.
SCD with Glide
Hip Rotation boot
Apply the boot normally with the SCD sleeve and place the tubing so that it exits out of the opening as shown.

Achilles Tendon
Hip Rotation boot
If redness occurs in this area, cut a “V” shape out of the fixed pad. If using both pads, customize the upper pad.
Foot Drop
Foot drop treatment boot
Cut the spare pad in half, remove the adhesive backing and secure the spare pad in a vertical position behind the sole of the foot.
Malleolar Decubitus
Hip Rotation boot
Cut away foam on the fixed pad surrounding the ankle as needed.
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