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About DM

Based in Evanston, Illinois, since its beginning in 1979, DM Systems is dedicated to making zero prevalence of heel pressure ulcers a reality. Our innovative five boot solution enables you to offer your patient the best and most cost effective customized heel pressure ulcer prevention device in the industry.


In addition to our family of pressure ulcer prevention products featuring Heelift® AFO Ultra, we also offer Casting Products for the orthopaedic market and Resistive Exercise and Rehab Products for the physical therapy, athletic trainer, and occupational therapy markets. Produced to prevent and treat ailments ranging from heel pressure sores and pressure ulcers to ankle sprains and shoulder subluxations, our products were designed by orthopedic surgeons for patient safety and ease of use.


Our team of forward-thinking clinicians sensed the need for unique products not readily available for patient care and comfort. As a result, we've created the following effective solutions for a cost-conscious medical marketplace:


Heelift® AFO Ultra: Our premium heel offloading device, Heelift AFO Ultra can also be used as a softer, gentler AFO. The tread on the bottom of the boot and the rigid polypropylene brace are ideal for short patient transfers.


Heelift® AFO is a softer gentler ankle foot orthosis.


Heelift® Glide Ultra: Offering all of the benefits of Heelift Glide, Heelift Glide Ultra also offers an ultra-grip interior lining to help maintain proper foot positioning.


Heelift® Glide Suspension Boot “Glides” across bedsheets, helping to maintain proper positioning and compliance.


Heelift® Classic: Since 1979, the gold standard for the prevention and treatment of heel pressure sores.


Elbowlift® Suspension Pad for preventing elbow pain and injury.


Heelift® Traction Boot for stabilizing pre-surgical fractures.


HeelSafe™ DVT Hose is a graduated compression hose with a unique opening at the heel.



DM Systems also offers the following non-wound care products:


GaitKeeper® Cast Shoe for air-cushioned cast protection.


CastWalker® Cast Sole Walking Cast for improving gait and providing cast protection.


CastWedge™ Cast Adjuster for aiding in realignment and accommodating swelling.


AnkleTough® Rehab Systems Resistive Exercise Straps for ankle sprain treatment and prevention.


Cadlow™ Shoulder Stabilizer for the treatment of chronic shoulder subluxations and sporadic shoulder dislocations.


Adjusticizer® Exercise System for a full body workout any time, anywhere.



Contact DM Systems at:

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