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Heel sore treatment

Cutaway of Heel Protector

The Heelift®
completely eliminates
pressure as the heel
is floated in
protective space.


Studies prove
Heelift® Suspension Boots
provide a pressure-free
environment to help
eliminate and prevent
pressure ulcers.


To request a sample for
your facility, please call
800-254-5438 or

Simple. Proven. Solutions.

Since 1979, DM Systems has had a mission to set the gold standard for the prevention and treatment of heel pressure ulcers. Starting with Heelift® Suspension Boot, Heelift brand boots have enjoyed an impressive history of success in thousands of facilities around the world, from acute care to long-term care to home care.


Heelift® Glide is the new premium offloading product from DM Systems. In addition to elevating the heel in a pressure-free environment, the smooth exterior fabric on Heelift Glide helps the patient’s leg “glide” across the sheets and under the blankets, assisting in keeping the boot in place on the patient’s foot. A new forefoot strap further secures the foot inside the boot.


In addition to saving nursing time, the use of Heelift® brand boots can help reduce facility costs by preventing heel pressure ulcers and the expensive treatment that follows. To learn how much Heelift could save your facility, use our Heelift Savings Calculator.


Heelift® AFO offers a simple solution for patients suffering from conditions like plantar fasciitis. Unlike typical ankle foot orthoses, Heelift AFO is made of a soft foam that helps protect the patient’s other leg. The semi-rigid polypropylene brace provides control of the ankle’s position and helps to prevent foot drop. Additionally, Heelift AFO, like all Heelift products, offloads the heel to relieve pressure.


HeelSafe™ DVT Hose solve the problem of increased pressure at the heel that is the result of many types of DVT hose currently on the market. The unique open heel "window" design relieves pressure from the heel and allows for heel visualization and palpation, while the graduated compression helps patients avoid deep vein thrombosis.


The DM Systems family of innovative wound care products also includes the Heelift® Traction Boot, which applies Buck’s traction to help stabilize femur fractures prior to surgery, and Elbowlift® Suspension Pad, which is designed to prevent elbow pain and injury.


Cost-effective, high-quality pressure ulcer prevention products. That is what you can expect from DM Systems, Innovators in Pressure Ulcer Solutions.